Mercedes-Benz Agility

Mercedes-Benz Agility

Flexible and Affordable Finance

Mercedes-Benz Agility is one of the most popular products available from Mercedes-Benz Finance as it provides you with the ability to keep monthly payments low by agreeing a lump sum at the end of the finance term called the 'guaranteed future value'.

How does Mercedes-Benz Agility work?

At the start of your agreement you will be advised of your Guaranteed Future Value for your vehicle based on the mileage that you expect to cover during the period of the contract. The Guaranteed Future Value is equal to the final optional purchase payment. The best part of Agility is the flexibility, you don't have to decide if you want to make this payment until the end. Simply choose your van, your initial deposit and the monthly payments that suit you the best. 

The Benefits of Agility

  • Lower your monthly repayments - as we can guarantee the future value of your van
  • Defer the decision to own the van outright until the end of the agreement
  • Decide upon the level of deposit and monthly repayments that suit you best
  • Enjoy a risk free finance experience as the future value of the van is underwritten by Mercedes-Benz
  • Avoid the risk of depreciation and benefit through more affordable payments

End of Contract Purchase Process

Vehicle Options

Option 1: Purchase your Mercedes-Benz by paying the Optional Purchase Payment*

Option 2: Hand back your Mercedes-Benz**

Option 3: Part-exchange your Mercedes-Benz for a brand new one*

Contact a member of our sales team to find the right solution for you!

*Please not that a 'Purchase activation Fee' will be debited from your account. To find out how much this is, please look at your contract under the 'other financial information' section. This will complete the purchase of your Mercedes-Benz, leaving you free to part-exchange for a new Mercedes-Benz or to simply enjoy your van. ** If you decide to return your van to us, it's vital to check your Mercedes-Benz for any unacceptable damage beforehand. Fees can easily be avoided if you follow our vehicle return standards.