Mercedes-Benz Antos

A new class of truck for a new era in transport.

The new Antos. Both a milestone and a benchmark for the future. A whole new class of truck that has been specifically developed for distribution work from 18 t upwards.

Built to cater exactly to your requirements across all applications. Meaning you can go about your day-to-day tasks more effectively and efficiently whatever your line of work, whether it’s grocery transport, retail supply services or tanker and dry-bulk haulage.

This is all thanks to practical, comfortable cabs, responsive and dynamic powertrain configurations featuring fuel-saving, low-emission Euro VI engines, as well as extremely safe, assured driving characteristics.

Mercedes-Benz Antos

Antos Cabs

Available as an M-Cab with engine tunnels of either 320 mm and 170 mm the CompactSpace cabs are characterised by their low roof and minimal overall height, offering maximum flexibility for many mission-specific operations, especially in the field of vehicle transport. Along with this, they offer easy access, high levels of interior comfort and excellent visibility.

Available as both S-Cabs and M-Cabs with engine tunnels of 320 mm and 170 mm, the ClassicSpace cabs are characterised by easy access, compact exterior dimensions and excellent visibility. The standard roof height allows for easy fitment of above cab equipment, whilst providing an excellent working space for regional and national heavy-duty distribution work.

With the M-Cab version, large storage lockers behind the seats offer even more flexibility, and there is the option of fitting a fold-down bunk, ideal for operations that may involve long waiting times, or for occasional overnight use. All ClassicSpace cabs on Antos are also available with a centre seat as an option.

Mercedes-Benz Antos