FUSO Canter

The complete compact Mercedes Truck.

The FUSO Canter range is here – and it’s really setting the standard. A Euro 5 EEV engine delivers greater power and fuel economy. Combined with a smooth, conventional shift gearbox, the Canter produces an impressive performance on the road, as well as off.

Twin rear wheels give increased traction, plus it boasts a high axle and towing capacity. Our product range has the right Canter for every purpose. Whether you need a truck with space for several people or one that can carry payloads of up to five tonnes, you will find what you are looking for. If you need to move up to seven people, our comfortable crew cab is the obvious choice. Above all, our new frame design allows the Canter to carry heavy payloads and all kinds of body solutions.

Whether you choose a 3.5t, 6.5t, 7.5t or 8.55t Canter, its great manoeuvrability, tough chassis and a wide variety of bodies makes it the perfect choice for whatever job you take on.

FUSO Canter

See technical drawings of the vehicle, dimensions, engine data, transmission, chassis and cab information and weight options for each model:

Canter 3.5t

3 person cab, manual 3c13 RHD

6 person cab, manual 3c13D RHD

3 person cab, automatic 3c15 DUONIC 2.0 RHD

Canter 3.4t Price list

Canter 6.5t 4x4

3 person cab, manual 6c18 4x4 RHD

7 person cab, manual 6c18D 4x4 RHD

Canter 7.5t 8.55t

7.5t, 3 person cab, automatic, 150hp 7c15 DUONIC 2.0 RHD

7.5t, 3 person cab, automatic, 175hp 7c18 DUONIC 2.0 RHD

7.5t, 3 person cab, manual 7c15 RHD

7.5t, 7 person cab, manual 7c15D RHD

7.5t, 7 person cab, automatic 7c18D DUONIC 2.0 RHD

8.55t, 3 person cab, automatic 9c18 DUONIC 2.0 RHD

Canter Eco Hybrid 7.5t

Eco Hybrid 7.5t, 3 person cab, automatic 7c15 ECO Hybrid

Add in a three-year unlimited mileage warranty (excluding Northern Ireland) with servicing from over 90 Mercedes-Benz dealerships and Canter gives you the complete package.

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FUSO Canter