Citan Panel Van

In your job you are expected to deliver high quality, reliability and the ability to take on any challenge that comes your way; qualities that are embodied within the Mercedes-Benz Citan. With its high levels of adaptability the Citan panel van can provide the answer, no matter the urban vehicle requirement.

Spacious - Loading length up to 2137mm and load height up to 1258mm

High Load Capacity - Payload up to 770kg

Fuel Efficiency - Delivering up to 65.7mpg

Diverse Engine Range - Available with 75hp, 90hp, 110hp and 114hp

Citan Panel Van
  • Available in three different vehicle lengths from 3937mm (compact) through to 4321mm (long) up to 4705mm (extra-long)
  • Three different loading lengths up to 2137mm and a load height of up to 1258mm
  • Up to 3.8m3 transport capacity with a payload between 490 and 770 kg
  • Up to 2.2 tonnes (max) permissible GVW
  • Large choice of engines – 75hp, 90hp 110hp and 114hp
  • Numerous standard and optional features
Citan Panel Van