Citan Tourer

The Citan Tourer is Mercedes-Benz’s answer to the challenges of driving in everyday urban traffic. Its versatile load concept, generously-dimensioned passenger compartment with up to 8 seats and extensive equipment makes the Citan Tourer an everyday hero.

Spacious - Seats up to 7 passengers

High Load Capacity - Payload up to 715kg

Fuel Efficiency - Delivering up to 65.7mpg

Diverse Engine Range - Available with 75hp, 90hp, 110hp and 114hp

Citan Tourer
  • Up to 715kg payload
  • A permissible GVW up to 2.2 tonne
  • Diverse engine variants
  • Up to 8 seats
  • Numerous standard and optional features
Citan Tourer