Mercedes-Benz Uptime

Maximised use through connectivity.

When your truck’s in the workshop, it’s costing you money instead  of making it. But now there’s Mercedes-Benz Uptime, a revolutionary new telediagnosis system that keeps your truck on the road and earning its keep.
Uptime provides you with timely information and clear instructions on the maintenance tasks you can carry out yourself and relays any repair needs to your chosen Service Partner. This means that parts can be ordered in advance and multiple tasks can be bundled, resulting in fewer workshop visits and a significant reduction in downtime.
If an issue is detected in the powertrain, braking, wheel, light or exhaust systems that is likely to lead to your truck breaking down, we’ll check availability of parts and resources, then help arrange a workshop appointment so your vehicle can be repaired straight away, with the absolute minimum disruption to your schedule.
Mercedes-Benz Uptime is now standard on new vehicles with applicable Service Contracts.
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