Genuine Accessories

Wanting that little something extra to make your life easier or simply something to add a personal touch to your new vehicle?

At Intercounty Truck & Van we offer a range of genuine Mercedes-Benz accessories and retrofit solutions. Adapted to specific vehicle requirement and offering both practical benefits and personalization to your Mercedes-Benz.

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Mercedes-Benz Truck Connectivity

Mercedes-Benz are working closely with FleetBoard, part of Daimler, and a leading supplier of the next generation of Commercial Vehicle Telematics & Connectivity Solutions. FleetBoard is already widely used throughout the truck industry helping fleet operators improve operational efficiency throughout their supply chain. The Fleetboard system covers tracking & telematics and real-time diagnostics with workshop integration.

The world of connectivity is evolving fast and Mercedes-Benz are committed to keeping fleet operators ahead of the development curve with industry leading connectivity technologies.

More About Truck Connectivity

Mercedes-Benz Truck Connectivity remains in step with the latest developments in commercial vehicle engine technology and efficiencies by continuing to evolve. The latest generation of telematics allows driving styles to maximise the efficiencies of the trucks, whilst making use of features such as Driving Programmes, Predictive Power Control (PPC) and Variant Greenband Driving. Additionally, the Performance Analysis function also processes data from Route Gradient Mapping and Weight.

Digi Tacho Functionality

To support fleet customers legal obligations FleetBoard has full Digi Tacho download functionality which seamlessly passes data from the head unit to your preferred analysis provider.

Safety and Diagnostics Services

The latest generation of Tele Diagnosis Solutions, Mercedes-Benz Uptime, is a major advance in Intelligent connectivity which significantly increases vehicle availability. The automatic system continuously checks the status of the vehicles systems in real time, allowing critical conditions to be detected at an early stage and crucial decisions to be made. If maintenance and repairs are required Intercounty Truck & Van can contact you with a repair solution specific to your requirements and details can also be sent to your in-house workshops for further action.

Fleetboard Logistic Module

When using an in-cab fixed tablet or hand-held device FleetBoard provides a full logistics module that seamlessly integrates into an existing TMS/Routing & Scheduling tool. Truck drivers can be provided with information ranging from simple delivery points to a full delivery schedule and load details, all fully supported with 'Truck Friendly’ navigation.

Staying Connected

The Fleetboard telematics system is integral to the delivery of road efficiency, and now with the introduction of a new app fleet managers can access it remotely, using their smart phone or other mobile device. The app offers live tour monitoring with displays of vehicle and driver performance analysis and can also check driver working times or access manuals & reports.

Improved Efficiencies

By measuring driving style against a range of criteria that impact directly on fuel consumption, emissions and safety, the app calculates a driver grading which includes a ‘degree of difficulty’ weighting based on the nature of the assignment and training can then be provided to raise standards. This can result in a significant improvement in mpg returns, as well as reduced vehicle accidents, staff absences and insurance costs through the nurturing of less stressful and safer behaviour behind the wheel. Furthermore, a more relaxed driving style also means a reduction in the vehicles wear and tear, resulting in maintenance and repair cost savings.

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