Winter means Business.

Winter means Business - Your business can’t afford to stop over winter, neither can you.

Making sure your vans and drivers are ready for anything the season throws at them isn’t simply a sensible precaution and legal requirement – it’s also a critical way to maximise uptime and protect your company’s reputation.

Keeping downtime to a minimum is important at any time of the year, but as the winter months are a key trading period for many businesses, it makes commercial sense to take steps now to mitigate the risks that bad weather can present. A van can only earn its keep when it’s out there moving on the road.

Customers expect a degree of disruption in the event of adverse weather and the occasional delay will in all likelihood be forgiven. But when delays and cancellations become the norm, it can do serious damage to your reputation – as can the behaviour of an unprepared driver. Making sure your vans and drivers are properly equipped to deliver in even the harshest driving conditions will make sure people are talking about you for all the right reasons.

Read/Download our guide for information & tips on how to keep your vehicle & your drivers safe this Winter.

Self Driving Guide - Winter